Berkswell windmill, Warwickshire

Berkswell #1600

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NGR: SP249759

Map/aerial photo of the area around the mill

Balsall Heath Mill: tower mill - previously restored, but had deteriorated and now undergoing a further restoration

Windmill Lane, Balsall Common, West Midlands CV7 7GY. Near A452.

Built in 1826, on the site of a postmill. With its neat brick tower, boat-shaped cap and endless-chain winding, this was a typical Warwickshire tower mill. It is also the most complete, with sails and all its internal machinery and tools for making flour and animal feed. Worked by wind until 1927, by engine till 1948. Restored 1973-5.

The Mill is undergoing extensive restoration work which is supported by a generous grant from English Heritage, along with donations and private funds. We do not yet have a opening date but news will appear on this site in the near future.

Berkswell windmill, 2004 © Jeanette McGarry

Berkswell windmill, 1930s © Jeanette McGarry

Removing the sails for repair and painting, Feb 2005 © Jeanette McGarry

Jeanette McGarry (owner), and Derek Ogden, Millwright, who restored the mill in the 1970's, Sept 2005 © Jeanette McGarry

National Heritage Weekend, Sept 2005 © Jeanette McGarry

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Entries in photo archives:

Berkswell Windmill [2012-10-06]


Berkswell Windmill [1998-10-18]

Chris Allen

Berkswell Windmill [1998-10-18]

Chris Allen

Berkswell windmill [1998-10-18]

Chris Allen

Berkswell Windmill [1998-10-18]

Chris Allen

Berkswell windmill [1998-10-18]

Chris Allen

Berkswell Windmill [2007-09-15]

David Stowell

Berkswell Windmill in spring [2006-05-01]


Berkswell Windmill, Balsall Common [2005-08-11]

Angella Streluk

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Registered charity #1120159 - The Friends of the Berkswell Windmill

Opening times via SPAB site

News item: Mills on the English Heritage register of Buildings at Risk (19/7/09)
News item: Buildings at Risk 2006 (12/7/06)
News item: New owners at Berkswell windmill embark on restoration (11/8/04)
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