East Dereham windmill, Norfolk

East Dereham #2118

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NGR: TG003129

Map/aerial photo of the area around the mill

tower mill - Latest restoration 2013. Now operated as a Community Exhibition Centre
Plaque says:
Dereham Windmill
Restored by Breckland District Council and The Manpower Services Commission under the supervision of Millwright John Lawn
Opened by J. O. C. Birkbeck Chairman of the Council September 14th 1987

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Door above a Door [2010-07-10] - HD

Ashley Dace

East Dereham Windmill [2010-07-10] - HD

Ashley Dace

Inside Dereham Windmill [2010-07-10] - HD

Ashley Dace

East Dereham Windmill [2010-07-10] - HD

Ashley Dace

Housing Estate at Dereham [2010-07-10] - HD

Ashley Dace

East Dereham Windmill [2006-11-05]

Roger Gilbertson

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Details from Norfolk Mills.

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Registered charity #1108549 - The Friends of Dereham Windmill
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News item: What did the sails of Dereham mill look like? (31/8/05)
News item: Dereham windmill attacked by vandals (15/9/04)
News item: Dereham mill suffers storm damage (19/1/04)
News item: Comprehensive survey for Dereham mill (17/7/03)
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