Dunstable windmill, Bedfordshire

Dunstable #2259

NGR: TL014218
(51.88544,-0.5273) OS map + aerial, Google Maps Aerial - Dual Google & Bing Maps

Map/Aerial photo of the area around the mill

tower - used as Sea Cadets headquarters


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Details from the English Windmills Photographic Register by Guy Blythman
tower mill
Photos: (1) Howes (a) w/o, c1900 (2) NMR (a-b) with original cap but no sails (c-g) preserved as store with new dome cap (3) A C Smith (WIB) (a) preserved as store with dome cap, May 1970 (4) Elliott (a) w/o, c1915 (5) UOK (MC) (a-b) derelict with cap, August 1937

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