Upper Dean windmill, Bedfordshire

Upper Dean #2260

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NGR: TL041682

Map/aerial photo of the area around the mill


Derelict for many years, it has recently (2004) had a lot of work done to it. The tower brickwork has been repaired, with new doors and windows installed. A new cap has been fitted which is much the same shape as the original - the two derelict sails have been retained, but there is no provision for replacing the fantail assembly. Unclear what has happened to the internal machinery. The mill is now in the grounds of a house, which appears to be newly built in a traditional style.


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Entry in Mills Archive database - #2260


Upper Dean Windmill [2009-08-18]

Shaun Ferguson

Shelton Windmill [2007-12-02]

james ferguson

Windmill, Disused [2006-05-03]


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Details from the English Windmills Photographic Register by Guy Blythman
tower mill
Photos: (1) Elliott (a) derelict with 2 sails, cap roof complete, and remains of fantail, 1931 (2) NMR (a-b) derelict with 2 sails and cap (c) derelict with 2 sails and cap, June 1932 (d-i) derelict with 2 sails but no cap (3) A C Smith (WIB) (a) derelict with brakewheel and 2 sails, May 1971 (4) Howes (a) derelict with 2 sails but no cap (5) Blythman (a) view of machinery, August 1988 (b) derelict with 2 sails but no cap, December 1995 (c) ditto, distant view, December 1995 (d) view of machinery, December 1995 (6) BM vol 13 p250-4 (a) spur gear (b) wire machine (7) UOK (MC) (a) derelict with cap and 2 sails, August 1933 (b) derelict with cap and 2 sails, July 1935

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