Lower Dean windmill, Bedfordshire

Lower Dean #2261

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NGR: TL041698

Map/aerial photo of the area around the mill

composite - collapsed 1959, and roundhouse reduced to 1 storey around 1969, now ruinous


Entry in Mills Archive database - #2261

Entries in photo archives:
Details from the English Windmills Photographic Register by Guy Blythman
composite mill
Photos: (1) Howes (a) w/o, c1905 (2) NMR (a-d) derelict with 4 sails (e-f) surviving roundhouse (g) interior of roundhouse with post, quarterbars and sheers (h-i) exterior view of roundhouse with some wreckage of mill body (j-n) wreckage of mill (o) ruined roundhouse with some wreckage on top, wrongly filed under Littledean, Glos (p) view inside ruined roundhouse looking up at wreckage on top, wrongly filed under Littledean, Glos (3) A C Smith (WIB) (a) surviving roundhouse, May 1971 (4) NMR (WC) (a-b) derelict with 4 sails (5) Elliott (a-b) derelict with 4 sails, 1936 (6) MOTHOS (UC) (not captioned) (a-b) w/o (7) UOK (MC) (a) derelict with 4 sails, August 1933 (b-c) derelict with 4 sails, July 1935 (d-e) derelict with 4 sails, September 1946
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