Dalston Mill, Hackney, London

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Dalston Mill: vertical axis mill, constructed from scaffolding poles, as an art project - only temporary, dismantled after a few weeks

Part of an art installation 15th July - 6 August 2009. Vertical shaft was connected to a counter top mill, and also to an electrical generator. Installation also included a field of wheat.

Signboard says:
The Dalston Mill
15 July-6 August 2009, open daily 2-10pm
The aim of the architectural collective EXYZT is to challenge the view of architecture as an independent field of practice. They conceive and organise each project as a playground in which cultural behaviours and shared stories relate, mix and mingle. Their projects, which could be defined as participatory architecture, always strive to involve different constituencies of the local community in a social network that is invited to inhabit a temporary space. For Radical Nature, EXYZT have created The Dalston Mill. Inspired by the possibilities afforded by this abandoned railway line, they have turned the disused site into a functioning windmill producing electricity - which powers the site's lights and sound system - as well as flour for making bread. A series of exciting activities and feasts takes places during the three week 'occupation'.

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News item: The Dalston Mill (15/7/09)

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