Pictures from Upper Tysoe windmill

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windmills Pictures from Upper Tysoe windmill

Upper Tysoe windmill is kept in a good state of preservation, but is only infrequently open to the public. It was however open over Mills Weekend, and despite some less than appealing weather had a steady stream of visitors who made the effort to climb up the hill to the mill.

Millwright Adam Marriot has sent me through some photos, now available on the mill detail page.

Update: Adam has provided more details on the mill thus:
"There were about 100 folk in total on the Sunday. The mill is in need of some tlc again, the stone furniture missing and part of the hurst is split with one stone hanging on the bridge tree. It's an odd mill been burnt out at least once, with two periods of machinery, mostly wood I'd assume early 1800s with a really late metal hand tentering gear to replace a governor. Both pairs are underdriven, 3 burrs, one peak runner. Ran up to 1914 when superseded by an oil engine at the base of the hill. It has a very wierd curb (live) with a double winch to turn it running on external pin holes in the curb wood's circumference. The mill is very similar to Kineton (which although stripped is basically a bigger version, probably of similar date. Underdriven, two large pairs with a very similar cap frame albeit bigger.
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Item: #551, Posted: 16/5/06.

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