Liverpool Windmills

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windmills Liverpool Windmills

There has been an ongoing discussion about windmills in Liverpool, which was sparked by mention of the pumping windmill in Newsham Park, and which continued through reminiscences of this and other mills.

Gareth Hughes chimes in to provide a summary of Liverpool windmills thus:
There were a total of 74 windmills in Liverpool between 1250 and 1900, and remains of five still existed until after 1945 - Scott's or Wilson's Mill, Toxteth (demolished c1960 [disputed date]); Leicester’s Mill, Scotland Road / Bevington Bush (demolished 1960s); New Townsend Mill (demolished 1953); Wavertree (remains of foundations cleared away in 1986); Newsham Park.

Newsham Park mill was built in 1868-69 to maintain the water levels in the lakes. The builder was James Burroughs and Son of Liverpool (quote for the work £380), machinery by Owens and Co. of London (£138). It remained in use until the 1920s at least, and was demolished in 1954.
A number of contributors remember the Toxteth windmill as existing well into the 1960's - with one being able to place it as existing when he photographed it as part of a school project in the 1965-67 period. Tags: [#garethhughes]
Item: #617, Posted: 30/4/07.

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