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windmills Stafford Radio at Broadeye windmill

Carol Lake, the presenter of the Sunday 4 - 6pm programme on Stafford Radio, sent me the following press release:

When money is hard to come by, it's extremely hard to find the funds to restore a historic building, especially one which has stood 'abandoned' for decades. However, despite its neglected condition, it is a much loved building by the people of the town that there was an almighty outrage when it was suggested it be demolished!

Just one minute's walk from the railway station along the River Sow in Stafford's glorious Victoria Park is the town mill on Broadeye. It has quite an interesting twist. For decades it has stood derelict. In the mid 90's The Friends of The Windmill (patron Tony Robinson) saved the mill from demolition and a roof was put on to cap the building from the extremes of weather, but still it stood all alone and unloved, boarded up, with trees growing wild inside the building.

In order to promote the mill to the town, and the town of Stafford to the world, in December 2011 began a most unusual project to raise money to restore the windmill by broadcasting from the mill on Sundays. It is now the only radio station in the country to broadcast from a windmill! All the staff are fully paid up members of the Friends of The Windmill and professional broadcasters who work voluntarily in conjunction with the Mill's committee. They are all passionate about the mill, its renovation and the town of Stafford. It's a lovely building and an incredible atmosphere inside too.

Since the internet radio started broadcasting, it has taken off in a quite phenomenal way with listeners all over the world curious about the windmill, its history, and to see the start of the restoration of the building which was built in 1795. The radio station broadcasts from inside the curved building, with a specially made curved desk for the presenters. It has been used to showcase local talent and bands, and also is a showcase for local people to talk about their trade, crafts and charities. It is a community station which is amazingly well supported, there are no adverts. Instead, and this is a quite unusual concept; each programme is sponsored by a business, and this money is then used for the restoration of the building which eventually will become a premier heritage centre for the town (all the staff are unpaid, the passion for the maverick project is their only reward and satisfaction!)

You can see us at and we would appreciate if you are able to visit our webpage, if you are able to click on 'Like' on our webpage, we would be most grateful for your support of our project to restore Stafford's windmill.

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