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Mills Open

Mills Open This publication by the
SPAB Mills Section details all the windmills and watermills in the UK open to the public, including full location, contact, and opening details. Invaluable when visiting mills, and a handy "bag of flour" icon identifies mills where flour may be purchased.

128 pages, illustrated.

Cover illustration: Outwood mill, Surrey

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Water and Wind Power

Water and Wind Power This detailed paperback book by busy millwright Martin Watts provides an excellent introduction to windmills and watermills, by someone who works regularly on them, and who has been researching their history for many years.

136 pages, 102 illustrations. Cover illustration: Sarre windmill, Kent; Rossett watermill, North Wales

More info from the publishers.

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Mill : The History and Future of Naturally Powered Buildings

Mill : The History and Future of Naturally Powered Buildings A visual documentary of the architecture of wind and water mills.

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Corn Milling

Corn Milling Martin Watts earlier introductory book which describes both the craft of milling, and the buildings the milling was done in.

32 pages, 39 illustrations.

More info from the publishers.

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The Public Subscription Windmill and The Round House at Lewes

The Public Subscription Windmill and The Round House at Lewes Annie Crowther tells the story of the windmill at Lewes in Sussex, which was built by public subscription in 1801. Although the smock of the mill was moved in 1819, the remaining base of the mill survives in its original location, and in fact has a story all of its own. Perhaps most famously, this "Round House" was owned (briefly) by Virginia Woolf and her husband Leonard.

104 pages, with 80 illustrations including photographs, drawings and maps.

Book review - More details from the author's site.

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The Windmills of England

the Windmills of England Rodney de Little updates his earlier classic book about English windmills, with masses of new information, and previously unpublished photographs.

Publisher's Note: "In the 1950s, as a boy, Rodney de Little became fascinated by windmills and, with the gift of a camera from a relative, began assembling an unrivalled record of them in black and white photographs. His standing as a leading authority on the history and operation of these mills was recognized on the publication of his book The Windmill - Yesterday and Today in 1972. It was reprinted in 1975 and remains, today, an authoritative work in its field and much sought after in the out-of-print trade. In the last twenty years much has changed. What were seen as mechanical, historical curiosities, lacking any contemporary relevance, are now finding new commercial opportunities and uses as this traditional technology has been successfully married to modern technological advances It is becoming clearer that there is much to be learned from the uses and mechanisms of traditional windmills."

192 pages, 215 photographs.

[Book review]

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Windmills (The Great Architecture Series)

Windmills (The Great Architecture Series) Another coffee table book, by Laura Brooks, with photos from around the world.

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Windmills This coffee table book by Sally Taylor is illustrated by photos of windmills in many countries.

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Power from Wind : A History of Windmill Technology

Serious and in depth coverage of the subject.

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Francis Frith's Windmills and Watermills

Francis Frith's Windmills and Watermills A selection of 150 historical photographs from the Francis Frith collection, featuring wind and watermills. Selected and described by Tony Bryan. Cover shows the windmill at High Salvington, Sussex.

See also the pages dedicated to the Francis Frith Collection, from where individual prints from the collection may be purchased.

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A Field Guide to American Windmills

A Field Guide to American Windmills Lindsay Baker's book is the definitive work on American windmills (ie windpumps), from an author whose depth of knowledge of the subject is second to none.

A hefty 516 pages, with hundreds of photos and silhouette drawings of windpumps to aid in recognising each model in the field.

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Windmills of England

Windmills of England This hardback book is illustrated with R J Brown's excellent line drawings. Each entry comprises a description and history of the mill, together with the drawing.

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The Wind at Work : An Activity Guide to Windmills

The Wind at Work : An Activity Guide to Windmills An activity book by Gretchen Woelfle about windmills, aimed at younger readers.

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The Archaeology of Mills and Milling

The Archaeology of Mills and Milling Another well researched book by working millwright Martin Watts.

176 pages.

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Tyke Towers - Yorkshire's Windmills

Tyke Towers - Yorkshire's Windmills An illustrated guide to Yorkshire's remaining windmills, with coverage of selected historical vanished mills as well. Includes many historical photos from the 1930's, and from the past decade.

84 pages, softback.

Full book review.

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Windmills and Pumps of the Southwest

American windpumps in the Southwestern USA.

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North American Windmill Manufacturers' Trade Literature : A Descriptive Guide

North American Windmill Manufacturers' Trade Literature : A Descriptive Guide Researched from the original manufacturers trade literature.

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Windmills of Somerset and the Men Who Worked Them

Martin Watts (a busy millwright) and Alfred J Coulthard write knowledgeably about the windmills, and the millers of Somerset

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Hertfordshire Windmills and Windmillers

Cyril Moore provides an in depth guide to the windmills, millers, and their families, within the county of Hertfordshire.

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Windmill Gazetteer for England

This comprehensive gazetteer lists all windmill remains in England over 2ft high. Includes details of the mill in its working days, and a full OS Grid reference for location purposes.

88 pages. Compiled by Tony Bryan, and the Mills Research Group.

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Wimbledon Windmill

1977 Guide by Norman Plastow.

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The Rebirth of Woodchurch Windmill

Story of the restoration of Woodchurch windmill, Kent, by Cecil Anthony.

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Mountnessing Windmill

3rd revision of the official Essex County Council Planning Department guide to Mountnessing windmill, by Robert Sier.

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VIDEO - Little Red Tractor Stories 2

Little Red Tractor Stories 2 A children's animated video story, with a filmed section about Thelnetham windmill. Includes footage of the late Peter Dolman at work as the miller.

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Sussex Watermills

Sussex Watermills A well illustrated book, from Frank Gregory who devoted a lifetime to assembling a collection of milling material.

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