Windmills of Derbyshire

Surviving windmills

1 #1291Spancarr MillAshover NGR: SK341660 tower mill house converted 19961
2 #1292.Belper NGR: SK355472 tower mill house converted2
3 #1480.Bolsover NGR: SK474715 tower mill full height tower3
4 no
#extra14.Breaston Park
wind enginerestored 20080
5 #1469Cat and Fiddle MillDale Abbey NGR: SK438398 post mill conserved72
6 #1289.Findern NGR: SK303308 tower mill house converted2
7 #1293.Fritchley NGR: SK365532 post mill ruin11
8 #1294.Heage NGR: SK367507 tower mill restored - six sailed1090
9 #1285Carsington Pasture MillHopton NGR: SK252545 tower mill derelict21
10 #1295.Melbourne NGR: SK378248 tower mill converted into observation tower39
11 #1303.Ockbrook NGR: SK429357 tower mill truncated, derelict0
12 #1472Fordbridge Lane MillSouth Normanton NGR: SK442569 tower mill house converted3
13 #1471Normanton Common MillSouth Normanton NGR: SK442562 tower mill house converted1
14 #1470The Post MillSouth Normanton NGR: SK442561 post mill remains dismantled and put in storage, but kept so badly that most are believed to have completely rotted away 1

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