Windmills of Somerset

Surviving mills

# photo id name location maps type condition photos
1 no
#1751 . Brockley NGR: ST473661 tower mill ruin 0
2 #1736 Watchfield mill Burnham Without NGR: ST348470 tower mill . 0
3 #1744 Ashton Mill Chapel Allerton NGR: ST414504 tower mill preserved - open to the public 15
4 no
#1741 Willtown Mill Curry Rivel NGR: ST388246 tower mill truncated at around 9ft 0
5 #1753 Broadfield windmill Felton NGR: ST515649 tower mill house converted 0
6 #1748 Stembridge Mill High Ham NGR: ST433305 tower mill thatched mill, owned by the National Trust 15
7 no
#1739 . Hutton NGR: ST361589 tower mill Observation tower with big pent roof and windows all round below this 0
8 #1738 Vale Mill Locking NGR: ST359617 tower mill Truncated tower incorporated into large house, forming semicircular feature at right end of front, with 2 circular rooms inside. 0
9 #1749 . Portishead NGR: ST458767 tower mill converted 6
10 #1733 . Uphill, Weston-super-mare NGR: ST317583 tower mill truncated tower 7
11 #1750 . Walton NGR: ST462352 tower mill house converted 7
12 #1742 Stone Allerton Weare NGR: ST406515 tower mill house converted 1
13 #1730 Burlinch Mill West Monkton NGR: ST265295 tower mill Vertical sided tower shell in wood 1
14 no
#1729 Woodball Mill West Monkton NGR: ST255293 tower mill Squat,2 storey, on end wall of cottage. 0
15 #1737 . Worle NGR: ST352632 tower mill converted to observatory 1

Historical locations

Kenn #1743

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NGR: ST411696

tower mill - ruined truncated tower survived for many years - finally demolished 2003. Replacement mock mill built nearby.

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Entry in Mills Archive database - #1743


News item: More details on Kenn windmill destruction (15/6/04)
News item: Kenn windmill remains demolished (16/11/03)


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Heath House Mill: - Two French burr millstones remain on site as garden features

demolished early 1960s

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