Windmills of Surrey

Surviving windmills

1 #2595.Buckland NGR: TQ220508 smocksmall mill on top of building, assumed to be for driving a saw mill, now in working order5
2 no
#2587Shiremark MillCapel NGR: TQ173377 smocksubstantially destroyed by fire 19721
3 no
#2601.Charlwood NGR: TQ245409 smockresidential conversion0
4 #2596Lowfield Heath MillCharlwood NGR: TQ230406 post used to stand at Lowfield Heath in Sussex, but was moved to Charlwood in 1989 116
5 no
#1834Hungry Corner MillChiddingfold NGR: SU952339 smockbase remains0
6 no
#2603Mugswell MillChipstead NGR: TQ258548 postroundhouse remains0
7 no
#2575Hurt Wood MillEwhurst NGR: TQ078427 towerresidential conversion14
8 no
#1828.Frimley Green NGR: SU896563 towerresidential conversion0
9 no
#2585Almer's MillOckley NGR: TQ147395 smock Collpsed 1944, leaving just the base. In process of being reconstructed as authentic looking mill, but for residential use. 21
10 #2622Outwood Post MillOutwood NGR: TQ327456 postdated 1665, in working order382
11 #2599.Reigate Heath NGR: TQ235500 postconserved - roundhouse used as a church81
12 #2600.Tadworth NGR: TQ236554 post.6
13 #2607Wray Common MillWray Common NGR: TQ269511 towerresidential conversion52

Historical locations


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Merstham #11192

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post - parts survive incorporated into the lych gate at St Katherine's church

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Outwood #2623

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NGR: TQ327456

Outwood Smock Mill: smock - collapsed 9th Nov 1960

Entry in Mills Archive database - #2623

Outwood,the Windmills 1906,Surrey
Outwood, the Windmills 1906 {Reproduced courtesy of The Francis Frith Collection}

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