Windmills and cars

Sometimes a photographer can't content themselves with just taking a great picture of a windmill... they want to add that little bit extra to the image - and what better than including a classy car in the shot.

This page just helps bring together a few examples of this powerful combination...

Mountnessing and MGB
MGB in front of Mountnessing mill, Essex; 13th April 2001

Vintage cars at Outwood windmill, Surrey; 10th May 1998

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang at Ibstone windmill, 1967.

Vintage car at Ibstone windmill, 1967.

Other examples of windmills and cars

Trains, planes and automobiles...



The woodworking skills to repair windmills are somewhat akin to those needed to restore grand wooden boats. Vincent Pargeter, a millwright, has restored the Norfolk wherry Maud.


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