Top Ten English Windmills

In the Sunday Times of 10th October 2004, Jeremy Clarkson wrote an article entitled "Call that a list of best films?" discussing a recent magazine list of the top ten best British films - which to say the least disagreed with Jeremy's own top ten. Starting with his premise that "Of course I know these surveys are supposed to prompt debate down at the pub. I know that listing the top 10 coolest windmills and the top 10 zaniest animals are all meant to be the start of an argument, not the end", the article then goes on to list Jeremy's top 4 British films - with the remaining 6 left as an exercise for the reader - down the pub of course!

Rising to Jeremy's challenge, herewith my own list of the top ten English windmills... likewise designed to prompt discussion, and not to be a definitive list.

1) Pitstone Green, Buckinghamshire

Everything a classic English windmill should be, and set so simply in the middle of a farmer's field.

2) Chesterton, Warwickshire

So unique a design, that it's impossible not to have it near the top of the list.

3) Maud Foster, Boston, Lincolnshire

A majestic windmill, within a city, run as a full time business, proving that milling by wind can still be profitable.

4) Upminster, London

A large smock mill, within the confines of London.

5) Heckington, Lincolnshire

The only eight sailer left, and looks magnificant with them.

6) Union Mill, Cranbrook, Kent

Another majestic smock mill, towering over this Kentish town.

7) Outwood, Surrey

A country mill, with a tradition going back to the time of the Great Fire of London.

8) Saxtead Green, Suffolk

An example of the fine Suffolk post mill tradition, where they built them bigger than in any other area.

9) High Ham, Somerset

England's last thatched windmill.

10) Wind turbine, Beaufort Court, Kings Langley

A recent build, proving that wind turbines are beautiful, providing another majestic sight to drivers passing by on the M25.

If you share Jeremy's other passions, then you may be interested in Windmills and Cars, and if you are still arguing over the top ten British films, then perhaps Mills in Films may give you a few suggestions.

MGB in front of Mountnessing mill, Essex; 13th April 2001

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