Windy Miller

Windy Miller

Windy Miller is a character from the 1960's childrens TV programme "Camberwick Green".

He has recently been recreated to star in a series of TV ads for Quaker Oats.


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Books, DVD's and Videos

See the Camberwick Green and Windy Miller shop for currently available items.

Current products

Since 1997 Robert Harrop has produced a growing range of Camberwick Green themed items. Some of these are produced in limited numbers, and the actual range available at any given time changes regularly.

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Older collectables

A fairly common collectable from when the series originally aired are the set of three preserve pots - jam, honey, and marmalade.

Colley's Mill

Windy milled at Colley's Mill, a tower mill just outside Camberwick Green

[still] [speculation on inspiration for the mill]

Camberwick Green

Check out the Trumptonshire Web for all information on Trumpton, Camberwick Green, and Chigley.

The Trumptonshire Trilogy is a rather more lighthearted look at the same programmes.

Spoofs and Satires

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