Windmills of Egypt

Alexandria (#eg1)

Montaza Palace Gardens: tower mill :

8 sailed, vertical sided tower.


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Historical locations

Cairo (#eg2)

Variously described as being on the Muqattam hill, or in the Masr El Kadema, or El Zahraa area of Old Cairo. A ruined windmill tower, supposedly owned by the army, and occupied for a time in the 1930's by the future Pope Cyril (Kyrillos) VI.

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Idku (also spelled Edkou), near Alexandria (#eg3)

8 sailed skeleton:

Photo exists showing lots of similar mills throuout the town

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Egypt does not have many corn mills. However there are (or rather were) a lot more water raising devices, called noria, which share many of the features of mills - namely the energy source which is often animal, and the simple gearing and construction mechanisms.


The technical term in Egypt for the noria is the sâqiya, (also writen sakia).

Other noria around the world

Hama, Syria

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