Watermills and waterwheels of New Zealand

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Surviving mills

# id name location date type
1 nz1017 Ahaura waterwheel newly built wooden waterwheel for electricity generation
2 nz1008 Longbeach Station Flourmill Ashburton watermill
3 nz1004 John Bycroft's flour mill, Howick Historical Village Auckland watermill
4 nz1002 Christchurch waterwheel
5 nz1003 Gold Stamper Battery Coromandel
6 nz1021 Greer House Glenside, Tawa
7 nz1005 Henderson's Mill Henderson
8 nz1022 The Mill House Herbert
9 nz1018 Stations Inn Hokitka waterwheel
10 nz1007 Ida Valley Flourmill watermill house converted, run as a B and B
11 nz1016 Parr's Mill Kerrytown, Pleasant Point waterwheel restored waterwheel
12 nz1006 Luggate watermill converted
13 nz1000 Clarks Mill Maheno watermill
14 nz1023 Watermill Bakery, aka Mt Holdsworth Pizza Masterton
15 nz1001 Kawana Flourmill Matahiwi watermill restored
16 nz1014 Sunken Garden waterwheel Napier waterwheel
17 nz1015 Centennial Park Waterwheel Napier waterwheel
18 nz1019 Pukekura Park New Plymouth waterwheel
19 nz1012 Phoenix Flour Mill Omaru waterwheel
20 nz1010 Pipiriki
21 nz1013 Poroutawhao, Levin recreated mill
22 nz1020 Serpentine Scenic Reserve Serpentine gold stamper
23 nz1024 Owlcatraz Shannon waterwheel
24 nz1011 Wakatipu Reportedly millstones and wheelpit remain, plus subsurface structures
25 nz1009 Wakefield

Mock Mills

Coromandel (#nzmock1001)

The Waterworks: waterwheel:
A waterwheel with a wide selection of colourful kitchen bowls and similar items as the buckets.

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Hobbiton (#nzmock1000)


From the Lord of the Rings movie set

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Petone (#nzmock1002)

Percy Scenic Reserve: waterwheel:
Signboard says:
This waterwheel marks the site of the second flourmill built by Joseph Percy in 1869. A full sized waterwheel on Percy Stream operated the mill.
In 1979, the late George London, Petone Borough Councillor 1935-38, and Mayor 1938-44, donated funds for Petone Technical Institute to build the model waterwheel. This was totally renovated in June 2004.
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Historical mills

# id name location date type
1 nz1540 Akaroa
2 nz1563 Akaroa Flour Mill Akaroa
3 nz1518 Grehan Valley Akaroa
4 nz1516 Canterbury Roller Flour Mills Ashburton
5 nz1529 Mechanics Bay Auckland
6 nz1553 John Bycroft's flour mill Auckland - Onehunga watermill
7 nz1531 New Mills Auckland - Western Springs
8 nz1522 Redwood Bros' Mill Blenheim
9 nz1558 Brightwater
10 nz1503 Hally's Mill Cambridge
11 nz1556 Avon Mill Christchurch
12 nz1555 City Flour Mills Christchurch
13 nz1527 Water Of Leith Dunedin
14 nz1554 Canterbury Mill Fendall Town (Fendleton)
15 nz1507 Glenpark
16 nz1557 Greytown
17 nz1543 Hamilton Flour Mill Company Hamilton
18 nz1524 Tawhiti mill Hawera
19 nz1517 Clive flour mill Hawkes Bay
20 nz1502 Fernyhaugh Flour Mill Herbert
21 nz1560 Kaiapoi Flour Mills Kaiapoi
22 nz1562 Woodford's Mill Kaiapoi
23 nz1544 Kaihiku flour & oatmeal mills Kaihiku
24 nz1506 Brunswick Mill Kawarau Falls
25 nz1530 Waiharakeke Kawhia
26 nz1541 Moffat's mill Lincoln
27 nz1525 Mandeville
28 nz1546 Waimea Plains Flour Mill Mandeville
29 nz1505 Masterton
30 nz1523 Alfred Renall's Mill. Masterton
31 nz1550 Moa Flat
32 nz1511 Naseby
33 nz1537 Nelson
34 nz1534 Brook Street Valley Nelson Horizontal mill
35 nz1520 Alpha flour mill New Plymouth
36 nz1521 Union Mill New Plymouth
37 nz1535 Victoria New Plymouth
38 nz1542 Cameron's Mill Ngahauranga
39 nz1501 Lamb's Mill Ngaruawahia
40 nz1564 Hutt Flock Mills Norton Park, Lower Hutt 1898-1930's Breastshot waterwheel, driving flock mill
41 nz1561 Ireland's Mill Oamaru
42 nz1500 Wilson's Mill Ohoka, Kaiapoi
43 nz1526 Ohoko
44 nz1532 Onehunga
45 nz1512 Richardsons Outram, Dunedin
46 nz1533 Papawai
47 nz1513 Percy's Mill Petone
48 nz1514 Riccarton
49 nz1559 Riwaka 1848-1853 water
50 nz1536 Ryder's Mill Suburban South, Nelson
51 nz1510 Tapanui
52 nz1519 Waimapu Flour Mill Tauranga
53 nz1515 Tawa
54 nz1509 Te Wairoa
55 nz1548 Helensbrook Flour Mills Tokomairiro
56 nz1549 M'Gill's Flour Mill Tokomairiro/Milton
57 nz1547 Evans Flat Tuapeka
58 nz1504 Bedggood's Mill Waimate North
59 nz1551 Wakanui
60 nz1552 Waterton
61 nz1528 Kaiwarra Stream Wellington
62 nz1539 Mandeville Flour Mills Woodend
63 nz1538 Ravenswood Flour Mill Woodend/Kaiapoi
64 nz1508 Andersons Mill Woodhaugh, Dunedin
65 nz1545 Mimihau Mataura Wyndham
66 nz1999 Various

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