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The flour milling and water pumping windmills that are to be seen throughout Mallorca are extensively covered (in 3 languages) by the site The Windmills of Mallorca. These windmills are now being recognised for the important historical and cultural resource that they are, and have atracted the attention of the World Monuments Fund.

The Council of Mallorca also have their own site on the windmills.

In May 2003, the IV International Molinology Conference was held in Mallorca, though this covered much more than just Mallorcan mills.

Both types of windmill

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Corn mills

[photo] [retreat in 2 converted mills] [Santa Ponsa] [photo] [Campos - converted] [Moli sa Grava, Campos] [Moli den Cavea, Cas Concos] [photo] [photo]
Es Molinar - group of 8 remaining mills [vintage photo] [vintage postcard] [info] [vintage photo]


[hotel] [photo] [photo] [photo] [photo] [photo] [photo] [photo] [photo] [photo] [painting] [photo] [photo]


Mallorca does not have any permanent rivers, so watermills are rare, but not unknown on the island.

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