Peninnis Head windmill, IslesOfScilly

Peninnis Head #1841

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NGR: SV910097

Map/aerial photo of the area around the mill

Peninnis Mill: tower

A millstone and foundations exist at this location. The ruinious tower was photographed by Muggeridge in 1953, but was demolished about 1960.

There are many hand-mills for grinding upon emergency in all the islands; but a wind-mill, upon a tract called Peninnis, grinds the larger quantities. The miller seldom fails of constant visits and employ from his customers of both sexes. His diligence supplies the place of water-mills, of which there are none to hinder his increasing trade.
From A general collection of ... voyages and travels, digested by John. Pinkerton, 1808

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Entry in Mills Archive database - #1841

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Peninnis Mill and Wilson seat [2008-08-05]

Bob Embleton

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