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Green Acres: tower

First brought to my attention via a photo on Geograph taken in Sept 2010. Google Earth historical imagery shows that foundations look to have been present in May 2006, with a hexagonal white skeleton framework constructed in 2007. The outer appearance is brick covered, with a shape reminiscent of Chesterton Windmill. The sails have been constructed using traditional millwrighting techniques, (with a rather unconventional varnished finish) though the poll end to the windshaft appears unconventional. Millwrights IJP performed the millwrighting work on the project.

Lapworth, 12/09/10

Lapworth, 12/09/10

Lapworth, 12/09/10

Lapworth, 12/09/10

Lapworth, 12/09/10

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New windmill below Green Acres [2010-09-01]

Robin Stott

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News item: New windmill based on Chesterton (9/9/10)

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