Melin y Bont, Bryn Du, Anglesey, Wales

Bryn Du, Anglesey (#wales7)

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NGR: SH346726

Map/aerial photo of the area around the mill

Melin y Bont: tower - house converted

Ruinous watermill and windmill (burnt out circa 1970). 8 pairs of stones driven by either water or wind. 4 sails, breast-shot wheel, 3 floors, 4 wire machines. Combined wind/water mill circa 1826.

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Melin y Bont from the railway line [2009-08-18]

Eric Jones

View east across a field of kale towards Melin Rhos and Ty-Croes station [2008-11-21]

Eric Jones

Melin y Bont Windmill with Melin Maelgwyn in the background [2008-11-04]

Eric Jones

View over the brow of the hill towards Melin y Bont Mill [2008-11-03]

Eric Jones

Melin Y Bont, Bryn Du [2007-11-03]


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