Events about and at Windmills and Watermills

I had a number of requests to put together more details of various events taking place at or concerning windmills and watermills. This page was the result. Most of the listed events are regular annual ones - see the News page for one off events.

Whilst it currently concentrates on UK national events, I'm happy to include events taking place both on a local scale at individual mills, or internationally around the world. Just send the details to the email address at the bottom of this page.

SPAB Mills Section Events

These events are mostly attended by SPAB members but may have places available for non-members (or better still, why not join now!).

More info on any of these events is available from the SPAB Mills Section office, or the latest course details are online.

National Mills Weekend : 8th - 9th May 2004

See my page dedicated to this annual event.

Other UK events

Events at specific mills

Events outside the UK

No details at present

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