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The SPAB Mills Section is the national windmill and watermill organization in the UK, and celebrated its 75th anniversary in 2006. Its website includes all you need to know about its aims and objectives, together with the all important membership form. The Mills Section is just one part of the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings - commonly abbreviated to SPAB.

Although the Mills Section does not specifically own any mills, the main Society (SPAB itself) is involved in the ownership of Kibworth Harcourt post mill, in Leicestershire.

Each year, the Mills Section organises National Mills Weekend during the second weekend in May, when a large number of mills are opened to the public.

The Society also has a campaigning role - see its memoranda to the Select Committee on Environment...

For many years the organisation was styled as the Wind and Watermill Section.

Mills Open

The Mills Section's premier publication is Mills Open, which is available from SPAB Mills Section, 37 Spital Square, London E1 6DY. More details (or prices including overseas shipping) available from
Mills Open 5th Edition 5th Edition - Cover photo Shipley Windmill, West Sussex, by Jim Woodward-Nutt. Mills Open 6th Edition 6th Edition - Cover photo Outwood Windmill, Surrey, by Peter Wright Mills Open 7th Edition 7th Edition - Cover photo Great Bircham, Norfolk, by Mildred Cookson

Mill News

Amongst its other publications, the Mills Section produces a quarterly magazine for members, now titled Mill News.

Whilst it is hugely out of date now, UK Windmills on the World Wide Web was an article which appeared in the April 1998 issue.

UK Regional and specialist Mills Groups

The SPAB Mills Section works closely with a number of regional and other mills groups around the UK:

The International Molinological Society - TIMS

TIMS logo

The main TIMS site is regularly updated. They also have some interesting sub sites, such as the Mill GPS Database.

French Associations

There is a national organisation in France called the Federation Francais des Amis des Moulins which includes many Regional and local associations.

The Society for the Preservation of Old Mills

Also known as SPOOM, this is an American based organization.

There are also separate pages maintained for its North East Chapter, and for the Canadian Chapter of Spoom.

Dutch Mills associations

Other related organisations

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