Clayton mills in the 1910's

Note that I've labelled these photos as being of Jack and Jill - though it's possible that the photos were taken before the mills were know by those names.

The photos have passed to Emmy Eustace, and are reproduced here with her permission.

Hay making by Jill mill, circa 1910

The man in this picture is JB Eustace (a friend of owner Minna Anson). The woman is probably his wife Helena (although it might be her sister, Amy Bankes).

Hay making with Jack in the background, circa 1910

Resting in front of Duncton Gate mill, circa 1910

Notice the apparent iron bound millstone to the left of the picture, suggesting that the machinery from Jack may have already been removed when this photo was taken.

WW1 munitions work in the Granary, circa 1915

The print of this photo in the Frank Gregory Collection notes on the back:

War effort. 20,000 wire handles. Made for 3"/4" shells.

Ground floor interior of Jack

Note the photos on the wall - including an exterior shot of the mills. The open door probably shows the interior of the Duncton Gate mill roundhouse.

Christmas card of Jack and Jill

Photograph by J Dixon-Scott. Entitled: 'Old Mills on the South Downs'. Used on a Christmas card from Minna Spencer Cowper Anson, who first leased then owned the mills from 1910 onwards.

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