Mills day on the air - 1999

Letter from Tony Barr
I'm looking to locate interested wind/watermill owners. We have Radio Amateur clubs looking for mills to put on a station to link working wind and water mills on the 2 days of May 8th, 9th 1999. This event co-ordinated by myself for a fund raising weekend, 40 mills took part last year, we fully expect this event to grow each year to one of the biggest events in the Amateur Radio Calendar.

Denby Dale (Pie Hall) Amateur Radio Society

National Mills Day On the Air. 8th and 9th May 1999

We are running the National Mills Day on the air event, this time for 2 day's Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th May 1999. You don't have to do both days but it will give you a chance to put on a station on either day as some mills will not open on the Sunday, good luck, let me know how your getting on. The setup will be as per last year, each club or individual being responsible for approaching the wind/water mill owners, apply for your own GB... call via the RSGB. Some stations are already registering their interest - so you need to get on with it in order to have your event published with the different Media, this all takes time. The SPAB have sent or will be sending out a press release shortly so please - we don't want Amateur Radio to miss out. If you want to register your interest or would like more information contact me QTHR with a SAE Please.

National Wind/WaterMills Certificate

Work 10 mills stations on either or both 2 day's. 8th - 9th May 1999. Send a copy of your log with £3-00 payable to Denby Dale Radio Society. The proceeds will go to the SPAB (Society for the Preservation of Ancient Buildings).

Thank you for your support.

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