Smarden windmill, Kent

Smarden smock mill (known as the East Mill) worked through to the early to mid 1920's. In 1933, William Coles Finch described it as "it has lost its fan, but the 4 sweeps are still on the mill, although the shutters have been removed".

This picture turned up amongst a collection of photographs (of trains) by the well known railway photographer H C Cassserley. The print has just the word 'Smarden' and a date written on the back (20-1-35). It is believed that the picture shows the Cassserley family, including H C Cassserley, along with their car.

This mill has been long demolished, though the Smarden West Mill, a post mill in the same village, survives in the form of just the brick piers of the mill trestle.

H C Cassserley and family at Smarden windmill, Kent - 20/1/1935

My thanks to Chris Lemon for making this image available.

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