Wind Engines in Britain

Amberley working Museum, near Arundel, West Sussex

Postcode: BN18 9LT

wind engine by Duke & Ockenden of Littlehampton

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Calbourne watermill, Isle of Wight

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Charterhouse monastery, Horsham, Sussex

Éolienne Bollée No.1 - substantially complete; restoration under consideration

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Crux Easton, Hampshire

Wind engine by John Wallis Titt - magnificently restored in 2002

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Halstead House Farm, Halstead, Tilton-on-the-Hill, Leicestershire

Postcode: LE7 9DJ

19th Century wind engine

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Old Kiln Museum, Tilford, Farnham, Surrey

hybrid wind engine, consisting of a Climax mechanism on a Duke & Ockenden tower

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The Bob Morse collection, Repps, Norfolk

a collection of restored wind engines

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Historical locations

Bury St Edmunds

John Wallis Titt wind engine

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Chilworth Friary, Killarney, Ireland

Duke & Ockenden

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Creech St Michael, Somerset

Halladay's patent design of 1854, as manufactured by Bury and Pollard, Pollard Jephson and Co., Owens and Co. and others. The last examples to survive complete were Angmering (now gone) and Iwade (now restored by Bob Morse). Halstead House Farm, Leicestershire, partially surviving, was another one of the same type.

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Hawkinge, Kent

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Hinton Charterhouse, Avon

John Wallis Titt wind engine

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Marchwood Yacht Club, Southampton

Postcode: SO40 4UX

John Wallis Titt wind engine - purchased 1873 for £155, now long since disappeared

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Mow Cop, Staffordshire

John Wallis Titt wind engine

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The UK does not have the wide open prairies to be found in the USA, Australia, or South Africa, and as such did not have huge quantities of the metal windpumps which these countries tend to associate with the word "windmill".

In the UK, these machines are generally called "wind engines", to distinguish them from our windmills which (predominantly) grind grain.

Wind engines have 4 main distinguishing features:


John Wallis Titt

The wind engines made by John Wallis Titt were some of the finest British made wind engines.

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Duke & Ockenden of Littlehampton

Duke & Ockenden, commonly known as DANDO, produced wind engines from at least 1869-1914. They still exist, but now are mostly concerned with specialist drilling for water etc.

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