Unidentified Windmills

The windmills on this page are either unidentified, or else more information about the mills is sought.

This isn't a competition I'm afraid (well at least not one with prizes), but if you can help please let me know by email to the email address at the bottom of this page.
Thank you.

From the Harris Museum and Art Gallery, Preston

Instant results: Identified as Horning Ferry windpump

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Unknown mill. From a glass negative taken by the Berkeley-Weld family of Chipping in the photograph collection of the Harris Museum and Art Gallery, Preston, early 20th century.

Toothpaste Advertisment

Earnley windmill This image of a smock mill came from some extremely thick card advertising toothpaste. I asked, can you identify the mill?


Thanks to Russell Jones, who identified this picture as being of Earnley mill, West Sussex. He estimates the picture was taken in the 1970's.

There are some pictures of the mill in the 1930's in the Muggeridge Collection.

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