Industrial Windmills

Most of the windmills in England were used for one of two purposes

The term "industrial windmills" refers to mills used for purposes other than these two.

A gazetteer compiled by Roy Gregory currently included more than 172 known examples of such mills in the UK.

Electricity generation

There are of course numerous wind turbines which produce electricity from the power of the wind. However this page is restricted to windmills of substantially traditional design, so out-and-out turbines are excluded.

Grinding other materials



Oil seed


Ore crushing etc

Saw mills


Flax processing


Examples in the rest of the world

Sugar mills

Windmills for crushing sugar cane to extract the sugar contained in the juice were common throughout the Caribbean.

Grinding mustard

Saw Mills

Grinding Coffee


Powering a railway incline

Powering a boat

Crushing bark


The Zaan Region in the Netherlands had around 1000 industrial windmills. [info].

A formidable number are still preserved at Zaanse Schans.

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