Michael Roots' Top Ten English Windmills

A top ten list of English windmills, as selected and described by Michael Roots.

1. Union mill, Cranbrook, Kent

Warren's masterpiece, everything a town mill should be.

2. Windmill Hill mill, Herstmonceaux, Sussex

Only example surviving with Hammond's Sweep Governor.

3. Lacey Green mill, Bucks

An absolute gem.

4. Chislet mill, Kent

The best opportunity to re-create a mid 18th century mill, as all modifications were made to the cap and sails, which blew off in 1916. Everything that survives is the 1765 original.

5. Argos Hill mill, Mayfield, Sussex

Main post made in four pieces, much interesting machinery inside.

6. Sibsey Trader mill

A magnificent sight in the landscape

7. Rolvenden mill, Kent

A mill that is much older than the date of 1774 on the trestle.

8. Aythorpe Roding mill, Essex

Another fine example of the millwright's art.

9. Thelnetham mill, Suffolk

If only because I helped with the restoration.

10. White mill, Sandwich, Kent

The first mill I saw the inside of, and the one which started my interest in windmills.

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