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windmills Chillenden - more details and pictures

The Chillenden windmill and the Chillenden Village pages give more details on the collapse of the mill. The collapse occurred around 10am on Nov 26th, in strong southerly gales. Kent County Council, the owners, responded very quickly, and visited just hours after it fell to inspect and erect safety fencing. A further inspection on 28th Nov 2003 including loss adjusters, structural engineers, millwrights, crane operator, and Friends of Chillenden windmill resulted in an unequivocal statement that the windmill will be rebuilt!.

Dismantling of the remains was due for 8th Dec, but the operation was delayed about a week due to problems installing a temporary access road across adjacent fields. Remains were carried off by the millwrights IJP for storage. It is hoped that rebuilding work can begin this Spring 2004, with opening unlikely to be until summer 2005 at the earliest.

The site includes a gallery of photos of the collapsed mill, and notes that ironically more people went to see the mill once it collapsed than had visited in the previous 2 years.

Update: A later note indicates that the removal work was completed in the week before Christmas, but bits of the temporary road lasted almost until the New Year. Mills: [Chillenden]
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