The Eagle has Landed

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watermills The Eagle has Landed

It's interesting to compare the view of Mapledurham watermill that appeared in the 1976 film The Eagle Has Landed (shown last night on ITV), with its current appearance as seen recently in Midsomer Murders.

In 1976, Mapledurham did not have its main waterwheel in place, so the filmmakers actually built a whole new mill immediately downstream of the real one. This ensured they had a rotating waterwheel which features quite significantly in the plot. Of course having a fake mill in place also helped considerably when the gun battle ensues, since it receives considerable damage. (The filmmakers similarly had to build a replica of the church, since that comes off much the worse for its battle scars). Mills: [Mapledurham]
See also:Mapledurham mill appearance in Midsomer Murders (18/1/04) Tags: [tv] [#film]
Item: #233, Posted: 25/1/04.

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