Grand Designs - Woodsman's house

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energy Grand Designs - Woodsman's house

Ben Law has recently built one of the few woodland homes to be granted planning permission. The house within his Sussex woodland which he actively works, has the condition that he must demolish the house if he moves away from the site - he can not sell it to anyone else.

The house, featured on Grand Designs on Channel 4 broadcast 26 Feb 2003, and is built using traditional carpentry, with wood from the woodland, plus local straw bales, clay etc.

Heating and cooking needs for the property are provided by a wood burning stove, and electricity comes from solar panels (reused from the Big Brother house), plus wind turbines.

Ben's approach to woodland management is explained in his book The Woodland Way: A Permaculture Approach to Sustainable Woodland Management.

More details on the house can be found at Permaculture Magazine. Tags: [tv]
Item: #26, Posted: 26/2/03.

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