German mill day - 31st May

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mills German mill day - 31st May

The 11th German mill day ("Deutschen Mühlentag") takes place on Monday, 31st May 2004. There is info about it at Mühlentag 2004 - unfortunately the site is only in German, and the site goes out of its way to prevent normal use of the site, which includes trying to read the pages via a translator.

A machine translation of the press release reads:
Presseinformation to the German mill day 2004 the German society for mill customer and mill preservation (DGM) leads on 31 May 2004 (whit-monday) country widely the 11. German mill day through. A large prelude meeting is prepared at present at the windmill "De Vrouw Johanna" in Emden, for which the Prime Minister of Lower Saxony Christian Wulff took over the patronage. In his greeting word to the special meaning of this daily one refers and one represents Lower Saxony as one of the mill-richest regions of Germany. The preservation of wind and wassermuehlen as historical building witnesses of our technical and economic development over many centuries finds a ever more largely becoming interest in the public. For years constantly the rising number on the German mill day of the participating mills is for it a safe proof. Since 1994 have itself their number more than doubled (s. attached statistics) some the mills, which participate in the German mill day, are all year round opened. That applies among other things to the historical mill Sanssouci in potsdam, which was visited in the last year by approximately 60,000 visitors. Exhibitions do not take place rarely and the subject of the former Mueller handicraft are shown in the opened mills, which obtain a view of the mill technology of verflossener years. Often also literary-musical meetings belong to the program of opened mills (among other things in the mill circle Minden Luebbecke), which enrich often the attendance in a mill apart from the numerous historically arranged mill celebrations and a cultural experience of special kind become to let. As well known climb around mills many cheerful and serious stories as well as poems and narrations of grinding and the meaning of wind and water. Each mill has its special history. With alone around meals never are from grain. Above all in the course of centuries developed more than 160 productive ranges of application also today still constitute the fascinating at the mill technology and its history. Many wind and wassermuehlen are already represented with own homepage in the InterNet. That applies also to the German mill company (www.muehlen dgm Numerous "surfer" avail themselves of this source of information already, in order to experience details over mills, their locations, its age and its function. Also this points economically important technology which was on an increasing interest in one, which will further receive for historical and denkmalpflegerischen reasons of future generations should. Further information can be caught up at the 14 regional organizations of the German mill company as well as from the participant taker listings in the InterNet under www.muehlen dgm I ask you therefore, over the 11. To report German mill day on 31 May 2004. Minden, in April 2004 gez. Erhard Jahn (Erhard Jahn) president
Item: #310, Posted: 25/5/04.

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