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windmills Welcome back Tío Kinke

For many years, the most comprehensive set of web links to sites about windmills was to be found at La Biblioteca del Tío Kinke - a Spanish langauage site which also had some significant pages of its own contents, pricipally about windmills in La Manga, and windmills appearing on stamps. The site was regularly updated, once a month.

However, when I last checked the site, there had been just one update to it in 2004 - and that was on the first of January! However, I'm very happy to see that the site is active again, and that there have been two updates in the past couple of months - one a general one of well over a hundred links, and a second one providing a very detailed catalogue of maps and city views with windmills in the "Frederick Den V's Atlas", København, Det Kongelige Bibliotek.
Item: #411, Posted: 23/12/04.

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