Hammonds Patent Sweep Governor

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windmills Hammonds Patent Sweep Governor

In the early 1980s, members of the Jack and Jill Windmills Society arranged with the owner of Herstmonceux windmill, Mr R. Buckmaster, that his Hammonds Patent Sweep Governor would be loaned to them for repair and safekeeping on the understanding that it would be returned should Windmill Hill Windmill ever be restored. Photos were taken at the time before removal, and after leaving it to soak in a bath of paraffin, the sweep governor was restored by the Society Members and was erected on Jill Windmill's bin floor in a working configuration. An estimated 20,000 people have seen it there over the last 20 years. (The significance of borrowing the governor was that the original sweep governor was fitted in Jack Windmill, alongside Jill).

Herstmonceux windmill has indeed recently been subject to a very extensive restoration, so keeping to the bargain, on Saturday 21st May, members of the Windmill Hill Windmill Trust went to Jill Windmill to collect their governor, so that it can be re-installed back at Herstmonceux once again. Mills: [Clayton] [Clayton] [Herstmonceux] Tags: [sails]
Item: #472, Posted: 23/5/05.

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