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windmills Listing of mock mills

A windmill is a popular and striking landscape or townscape feature. For this reason, a number of so called "mock mills" have been constructed in the UK in recent years. The definition of a mock mill is a building constructed to look like a windmill, but which was never capable of using wind as a power source.

A number of these have been built as pubs or restaurants, sometimes employing millwrights who also work on true mills. Their appearance ranges from the authentic, through to the crude.

I've put together a list of such mock mills that I'm aware of, but I'm always interested to hear of other examples. I have excluded rebuilt mills from this list, where the rebuild, although itself never used for milling, was at least built on a historical foundation - an example of which is Rye, Sussex. I have also excluded a number of "large model" windmills, which are much smaller than building size. Mills: [Caldecotte] Tags: [mock]
Item: #542, Posted: 11/4/06.

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