Comprehensive catalogue of Windmills on Stamps

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windmills Comprehensive catalogue of Windmills on Stamps

For many years, La Biblioteca del Tio Kinke was one of the best windmill resources on the Internet, being regularly updated with great links to information about windmills in all forms. However, in recent years, the once monthly updates have slowed to a real trickle - in fact after just one update in each of 2003, 2004 and 2005, there was no update at all in 2006.

However, the site owner, Pedro López-Pintor Díaz-Galiano has come up with a really great update to start off 2007. One of his passions is for windmills depicted on stamps, and he has assembled a huge PDF file titled "100 anos del sellos con Molinos de Viento" (100 years of windmill on stamps). This download, announced on the "new updates page" is 144 pages long, and catalogues, with illustrations, as far as I can tell, every stamp issued by official postal authorities that depicts a windmill (traditional, wind engine, wind turbine, or child's toy) through to the end of 2006. There are also some unofficial issues documented - and the file comes with a warning that the locations ascribed to issues are for guidance only - as counties changed their names over time, the postal authorities situation is not always straightforward. Whilst the file is in Spanish, that's not generally a problem - there is not much text to be read at all - the stamps generally speak for themselves.

The catalogue also includes a good number of postmarks that show windmills from around the world, and a short selection of Spanish stamps for taxation rather than postage. Tags: [stamps]
Item: #589, Posted: 27/1/07.

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