Progress report from Chinnor

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windmills Progress report from Chinnor

Colin Grenville has passed me a progress report on the reconstruction of Chinnor windmill:
There is now an extensive group of photographs at the Mills Archive at Reading. This is currently the featured mill from the Mills Archive homepage, but a direct link is

Ultimately, the mill is owned by the Parish Council but details do not yet appear on their website. Eventually we hope this will be updated to include details about the project:

We now have the driveshaft in position, and the great spur wheel roughly in place. The brake wheel is too far gone to sensibly repair so we're setting about making a new one. SPAB are visiting in a couple of weeks to impart some advice on how to proceed. A new staircase has been installed up to the first floor. Progress is slow as ever, but at least it's progress!
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Item: #615, Posted: 23/4/07.

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