Tilty Watermill, Essex

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watermills Tilty Watermill, Essex

Darren Stone, who has been very active in the campaign to save Tilty Watermill from house conversion, writes:
"Following a planning application to convert the Grade 2 star listed, complete, intact and very restorable Tilty watermill filed last year, the local council, Uttlesford in Essex voted for the application (despite some very questionable statements at the meeting given to voting councillors), in March.

As Tilty mill is a listed building the next stage is that the local government office for the East of England had to agree with the council's decision or refer it to a planning inquiry.

The Secretary of State decided to 'call in' this planning application to a public inquiry and the planning inspector is now gathering evidence for the inquiry.

Please consider writing or e mailing the planning inspectorate showing your support for saving Tilty and efforts to try to restore it.

Support is needed now more than ever, this could be the last chance to save one of the finest, restorable watermills left. Please write/email and show that there is a future for mills rather than just be another statistic lost to house conversion.

Full details on the Tilty site at http://tiltymills.mysite.orange.co.uk/."
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Item: #648, Posted: 22/8/07.

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