A windmill made from straw bales

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misc A windmill made from straw bales

I don't have much to go on here, except a couple of photos on Flickr showing a superficially reasonably accurate windmill constructed (according to the caption) from straw bales. The tower is certainly fairly irregular and appears to be without openings, but is topped with a rounded cap holding sails and a fantail. These wooden items look to have been quite solidly constructed - so it's perhaps not as temporary a structure as straw bales might suggest.

The photos are simply labelled "Straw Bale Wind Mill 1" and "Straw Bale Wind Mill 2", with the only clues to the location being that it's in a photo stream called "Road Trip (Llandudno 2008)".

Update: [23/7/08]

As soon as I posted this item, it was suggested to me that this may be this year's straw construction by Snugburys ice cream farm in Hurleston, who have been creating such constructions for 10 years or more.

I have finally confirmed this, via Straw windmill is a cool idea.

Update: [15/10/08] Recent photos dated 12th October on Flickr show this in the process of being dismantled.

Update: [16/11/08] I've been told the structure is still standing - it looks as if the previous photos I thought showed it being dismantled were either mis-dated, or maybe show it being repaired. Mills: [mock21] Tags: [funny] [mock]
Item: #697, Posted: 6/7/08.

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