Planning application for Bradleys Mill, Speldhurst, Kent

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watermills Planning application for Bradleys Mill, Speldhurst, Kent

Rob Cumming writes as follows: (I'm asuming the date is wrong - planning committees don't normally meet at the weekends!)

"I recently went down to Bradleys Mill, Speldhurst, near Tunbridge Wells in Kent, and was alarmed to find it fenced off, as if ready for redevelopment or conversion.

The mill itself is a good example of a West Kent/Sussex village corn mill, and remains internally complete, although the waterwheel has deteriorated markedly since it ceased work just over thirty years ago. The structure itself is in good condition.

A recent enquiry to Speldhurst Parish Council, has revealed that in 2008, the mill was subjected to two planning applications, the first of which was for conversion into a house, retaining the basic machinery. This was allowed without too much fuss. The first application was clearly a dummy run, as a month later a second application was entered, which wanted to convert the mill as above, and provide seven new homes. This was rejected, on environmental grounds, and also that the new development would have been a hazard for bus routes turning in from the main road.

I've just been alerted to a third application, which is a revised application of the second one, and includes a comprehensive traffic study. This was submitted on the 16th December, and can be objected to at this website :- You need to submit application reference 09/4000/1527 into the top box.

I have been alerted to this by concerned villagers and/or the parish council, who are keenish to see a different use for the mill. Perhaps even preservation. With the Kent Mills Society in its infancy, I've recently been looking at a few sites in Kent, and one thing that has become apparent is the shocking amount of conversion and development that has been allowed in the last twenty years.

Please take a moment to object to this if you can. The application is up for review I think on the 2nd January."

Note that there seems to be a problem with the planning website at the moment, but I assume that it will be sorted out when the working week starts again. Tags: [#planning]
Item: #742, Posted: 2/1/10.

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