Benin windmill stamps (cinderellas)

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windmills Benin windmill stamps (cinderellas)

Fred Atkins, the editor of Windmill Whispers, the quarterly bulletin of the Windmill Study Unit, which is primarily (but not exclusively!) interested in mills and milling as shown on stamps and other philatelic items, has sent me some pictures, and the following request:
Our unit has checklists of hundreds of stamps showing mills of most types. In addition to genuine stamps, there have also been printed considerable numbers of "cinderella" stamps of mills, being invalid postally, but picturesque and interesting nevertheless. There have been a number of attractive sheetlets purported to have been issued by the African country of Benin, showing paintings of mill scenes (including some printed back-to-front!) by a number of artists which we have identified; however, I attach a half-dozen which so far are unknown to us and I was wondering therefore whether you could kindly add them to your website with a request that we would like to know the location of the mills, the artists, and if possible where the paintings are exhibited.

The mills shown on no. 5 are clearly the Moulin de la Galette and the Moulin Radet in Montmartre but I'm not sure about the artist. I would guess Maurice Utrillo.
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Update: I've managed to identify all the stamp images as follows:
  1. "Ice Skaters on a Frozen Pond" by Henri Rousseau (matched with the help of TinEye to this poster and hence to Corbis image)
  2. Inner stamp: "In Holland" by Gari Melchers (creative guesswork found Corbis image), Outer image: unidentified
  3. ca. 1932-1937. Dutch Windmill by Canal from the Scheufler Collection (creative guesswork found Corbis image)
  4. "Memories of Army Maneuvers" by Edouard Detaille (creative guesswork found Corbis image)
  5. "Moulin de la Galette" in the Style of Maurice Utrillo, from Bass Museum of Art, Miami (creative guesswork found Corbis image)
  6. "Scuola Olandese" (Dutch School) Fiume gelato con pattinatori (Frozen river with ice skaters), Galleria Sabauda, Torino/Art Resource NY (matched using Google Goggles to being used on the book cover of Western Heritage, and the "look inside" feature allowed the description to be read. With the gallery name, a normal image search then turned up Corbis image)
  7. "The Great Windmill and the Rainbow" by Jean Charles Cazin (creative guesswork found Corbis image)
You can probably spot a theme there - I strongly suspect that the producers of these stamps simply did a search at Corbis to find all their images.
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See also:A technical article on identifying images (10/1/10) Tags: [stamps] [paintings]
Item: #747, Posted: 9/1/10.

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