The "lost" windmill of Forthampton

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windmills The "lost" windmill of Forthampton

The locations of the remains of windmills in the UK are generally well known, with detailed lists produced by The Mills Research Group, The Mills Archive, and other groups and individuals who cover their own local areas.

Just occasionally something escapes being covered by those lists, and that seems to be the case with the windmill at Forthampton in Gloucestershire, whose base still remains, converted into a building known locally as "The Round House".

Just a few days ago, a photo of "The Round House" by Bob Embleton was posted at the Geograph website, where the caption noted that this (largely obscured by trees) building was the converted base of Alcock's windmill.

A little more detail on the mill is provided by 'Parishes: Forthampton', A History of the County of Gloucester: volume 8 (1968), pp. 196-208 which records that: the same part of the parish is the Round House, comprising the base of Alcock's windmill, a building of the local shaly stone, with a 19th-century brick cottage beside it.

No record has been found of a water-mill in the parish. Tewkesbury Abbey had two windmills there in 1291. The mill mentioned in 1636 may have been the windmill worked by John Alcock in 1649 and 1672, which survived in 1859 as Alcock's Mill ¼ mile ESE. of Alcock's Farm, and the base of which was later called the Round House.

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