Geograph for the Channel Islands

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mills Geograph for the Channel Islands

Geograph provides a great resource for photos of Britain and Ireland, and as such many pages on this site are improved by photos from its collection. In fact, the photo number at Geograph just reached the 2,000,000 mark, which is a great achievement.

Since the Channel Islands are not covered by the current "Britain and Ireland" site, there's a new (beta) site specifically for the Channel Islands.

There aren't that many photos on the site yet, just 387 as I write, (and indeed as a small area it's never going to rival that of the original!), but the mill ones I can find are:

It's probably also worth noting that there look to be plans to split the database, so that the site for Ireland (which is currently simply an alternative view into the shared Britain and Ireland database) actually becomes its own separate entity. In addition there is also an otherwise unrelated site that uses the Geograph software that covers Germany (with currently around 12,500 images). A search there for windmill in English returns 7 images, with 15 images in the windmühle category, and 36 classified as mühle.

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Item: #761, Posted: 14/8/10.

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