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windmills Millstone flooring

Just a fragment of information that I noticed and wanted to record. I was reading the sales particulars for Chobbings Farmhouse, Chignall St James, Chelmsford, Essex, described in the Listed Buildings register as:
Late 14th century former open hall or kitchen block to a larger dwelling now demolished, extended in the early 17th century, timber framed and plastered with weather boarded dado to front. The main features are the timber and plastered chimney stack. This is the earliest complete timber stack to survive so far discovered in Essex.
The sales particulars note that there is also
The two bay cart lodge. This area has been recently completely refurbished and re-roofed and it also has an adjoining workshop store area. Even this humble building has an astonishing character; the floor is composed of five old mill grindstones, presumably from a nearby windmill.
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Item: #786, Posted: 16/2/11.

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