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mills BBC Domesday Reloaded

25 years after it was originally produced, the BBC has resurrected (some of) their 1986 Domesday Project. In particular, they have made the contents of the "Community Disc" available, and are soliciting updates to this data, where they are scheduled to be accepting updated text and pictures until October 31st 2011. The project split up the whole of the UK, including the Channel Islands and Isle of Man, into 23,000 4x3km areas called Domesday Squares or D-Blocks. Over 23000 photos were submitted to document these areas - in a very similar way to how the Geograph website now documents the country.

Just as in the original 11th century Domesday Survey, the BBC's version contains a number of references to mills. I have currently linked the various windmill photos I've found from their appropriate individual mill pages.

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