Kilvey Hill windmill

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windmills Kilvey Hill windmill

Item: #805, Posted: 12/6/11

Geograph has done it again - leading me to the remains of a windmill that I had overlooked. This time it's in Wales, at Kilvey Hill to the east of Swansea, and to be honest there are not many remains to be seen - basically just a small heap of stones that represents all that remains of the wall of the mill. If I'm not mistaken, you can make out the rough circle of the foundations on Google Earth, and that actually has an aerial view from 1945, at which point the remains look somewhat more substantial.

It's worth noting, just because I had laregly overlooked these till now, but there is now a substantial article on Geograph which attempts to list all UK windmills, and also a generated map of all images labelled windmill. Just for fun, and unrelated to mills, you could look at the corresponding maps for beach which does a pretty good job of defining the coastline automatically, or at church which gives a fairly solid fill of Britain (except in the under-populated areas of Scotland).

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