Yorkshire Windmills Through Time

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windmills Yorkshire Windmills Through Time

I've not had a chance to read a copy yet, but I've been sent publication info on a new book illustrating the windmills of Yorkshire. From the press release:
Yorkshire Windmills Through Time
Alan Whitworth

This fascinating selection of photographs traces some of the many ways in which Yorkshire Windmills have changed and developed over the last century.

The author's interest in windmills reaches back well over ten years and culminated in Yorkshire Windmills, published in 1991, a later publication, Tyke Towers - Yorkshire Windmills, and the foundation of the Yorkshire Windmill Society. A reviewer in the Yorkshire Archaeological Journal wrote that Yorkshire Windmills was "clearly a labour of love ... and the author has made a substantial investment of time and there is no doubt the reader can benefit from the wealth of references collected".

Now, ten years on, further research and losses have created a need for a new work on the subject. However, the idea of this book is to illustrate some of the remaining windmills of Yorkshire without too much preamble, and where possible to revise errors and omissions in my earlier volume. But this is not a scholarly book; this is first and foremost a pictorial celebration and record of these tyke towers for the avid amateur historian and informed reader.

Alan Whitworth was born in Huddersfield and now lives in Whitby. He worked in graphic design and printing before becoming involved in local history and the preservation of old buildings. A founding member of the British Dovecote Society, Alan now writes and lectures full time on architecture and local history.

The book is available now direct from Amberley Publishing or via Amazon:

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